When He Cried

Poses like these from Sang Yoon Oppa just melt my heart but what melts this ajumma’s heart like butter on freshly baked ensaymada is seeing a grown man cry. Allowing himself to be vulnerable enough to shed tears evokes sympathy if not tears as well. And this we have seen too, in real-life and with no-director-prodding in Episode 3 of Master in the House. SBS Entertainment uploaded unsubbed clips of the latest episode an hour or so ago and here I am blogging about it — aiyah! All for the love of Lee Sang Yoon!

Master In The House Press Conference
Aegyo poses from Sangyoon Oppa


So here’s the video of Sang Yoon Oppa and fellow-cast  BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae giving in to their emotions as they listen to Rock Master Jeon In Kwon sing ‘폭풍 오열.’


To catch the complete story, watch Episode 2 and Episode 3 of Master in the House ❤




Finally, English Subs for “Master in the House”

Master In The House

Today is my 40-something-th birthday and what greater gift to receive than the English-Subbed First Episode of ‘Master in the House’ — the first ever variety show of Lee Sang Yoon Oppa! I was really anxious whether k-show subbers will pick this up cause they really didn’t do that for TVN’s ‘BuzzerBeater’ last year, where Lee Sang Yoon was also a member. Of course Sangyoon Oppa had several variety show guestings before but ‘Master in the House’ (which was first called “The Butler”) is his first ever mainstay variety assignment so was I excited. And Episode One did not disappoint. Surely I watched it even without subs when it was first on at ikshow.net 😀

So make sure you click the show banner or here to watch the show!

Watching the episode again made me think why Lee Sang Yoon is the perfect guy for me — he is a total nerd and your typical introvert! Episode 1 shows this clip of him enjoying his teoppokki while watching Big Bang Theory, and moreover, when asked for his favorite quote, he cited one of who else’s but Albert Einstein’s… what a darling! Last March, he was asked his thoughts about marriage, and this is what he has to say, “My parents and the people around me got married because they were at the age, but I honestly don’t know yet. I feel sorry [towards] my parents for saying this but I don’t think it’ll be that bad living by myself.” Aaaaah I don’t know why but this makes my heart flutter cause I totally agree. Being 40-something and single isn’t a bad thing at all!!!

Here’s the Soompi article where I got the quote and here’s another Soompi article if you want to know more about ‘Master in the House.’

Master In The House2

The Butlers: SBS Variety Show

The Butlers

I got so excited to learn that Sang Yoon Oppa will have another variety show. I am hoping against hope that unlike “BuzzerBeater” this will find itself translated since SBS is a huge production company and since there should more buzz for this variety show (pardon the pun) since it features more hallyu stars like Lee Seung Gi and Yook Suk Jae. The new show will premiere on Sunday, December 31 at 6:25 p.m. KST.

Here’s the article from Soompi and here’s the preview of the show. #LeeSangYoonOppa, Fighting!!!

And here’s one of Lee Sang Yoon capturing `a day in his life,’ something stalker-wannabes of hallyu stars just dream of. Love you more, oppa!!!


Broken Hearted

This week was a bit difficult hearing about SangYooniOppa and Uee’s break up. I guess, because it shatters my idea of true love and forever. Maybe I am sad that things didn’t work out because I am projecting my own heartbreaks onto theirs — thinking the relationship could be saved. But my failed relationship is my own, and has nothing to do with theirs. I’ll survive.

UEE and Lee Sang Yoon at MAMA Red Carpet


So here’s something to look forward to though — TvN’s newest sports reality show strating February 3rd: “BuzzerBeater.” And here’s the clip with uri Lee Sang Yoon!

KBS Best Actor Award for Mini-Series (On the Way to the Airport)

This is the best way to greet Lee Sang Yoon fans worldwide a Happy New 2017 ❤ Congratulations!!! You truly deserve to win. Your fans must be just glad that you are once again acknowledged for your hard work and you love for craft. Congratulations, too for bagging TOP THREE Best Couple Award with #KangHaneul also for you portrayal as Seo Do-Woo and Choi Soo-A!!!



And here’s Kang Haneul’s acceptance speech for winning the KBS Best Actress Award (Overall) for her performance in On the Way to the Airport:

Things I Just Have to Do: Celebrate Seollal in Seoul ala-2Days and 1Night

So this is definitely off-theme but wouldn’t it be great to meet Lee Sang Yoon while celebrating Seollal in Seoul the way these members of  1박 2일 (1N2D)? Love that the episode featured must-see places in the heart of the capital. Lovin’ the ‘old-meets-new’ vibe so much probably because I am an old soul in a pretty old body. I just have to write about it so I can remember (see that’s how old I am) that this is something I want to do.

NOTE: Published on 2 Mar 2014 The members get together for a special outing in Seoul. It’s been a while since they’ve shot an episode in such a close location. Plus it’s on Seollal when most of the Seoul population go down to their hometowns for the national holiday. The members hunt for some memorable sites that have held their position in Seoul for the longest of time. Plus they have a special surprise when they return to base camp at KBS!

I remember one episode where Cha Tae Hyun was asked about his fave episode and he said this one because it made them travel back in time and cherish the memories they have of their families. For Kim Jun Hyuk, it was a picture of his parents when they were still dating in Myeong-Dong Cathedral. For Kim Jong Min, it was a photo of his dad a year before he was born standing at the same exact tree where he had pictures of him taken. For Taehyun, where he sat in Namsan was the same exact spot where his parents took their honeymoon photo. Here are the screenshots of the composite pictures prepared by the staff:

And yes, there’s a similar theme of sorts that the Season 1 members did around Seoul which, to date, is the program’s highest-rated episode. The places weren’t as interesting as Season 3’s but yeah it wouldn’t hurt if I can actually go to all the destinations featured on both episodes. Plus, maybe edit the video where Lee Seung Gi went with myself in it, hahah! Aiyah, the question now is when, oh, when?

Patjuk: 팥죽 (Red Bean Porridge)

So I’m watching Episode 9 of The Duo, and finally uri Lee Sang Yoon Oppa is on the screen. He meets with his uncle who has fallen from political grace due to his stupidity and greed.


What catches my eye is how he devoured his bowl of patjuk, and realized this is the same Korean dish that was eaten by Lee Sang Yoon’s mom’s character in On The Way To The Airport before she died — yes, the same one she requested from Kim Haneul. So there you go, twice featured in Lee Sang Yoon Filmography deserves a second look. So here’s a video of how to prep it. Hopefully I can make this for Christmas — the Lunar New Year is way too far to wait for 😀

And here’s the link for the complete recipe. Here’s to cooking Patjuk all for the love of Lee Sang Yoon!

비연 BiYeon: Theme from ‘The Duo’

Title: 비연 (Drama Ver.)
Artist: 고진영,정주희
구름발치 아라만치 닿을 수 없이 애 닳아서
짧은인생 흐 놀 다 다음생에 기약하오니

꽃보라가 흩날리는 봄이오면 만나려나 (소프라노 – 만나려나)
짧은인행 흐 놀 다 다음생에 온새미로 (아~ 흐놀다 다음생에 온새미로)


The clouds are out of reach.

I am pledged to the next life.

When the spring flowers come and the flowers come (Soprano – see you)

A short trip is a joy to the next life The joy to the next life (Oh ~

I’ll meet you.


Click here to listen and/or download the MP3 file.

I cried a couple of times after listening intently to this theme. Something in the melody was tugging my heart — not knowing much Korean, I felt it was giving me hope against hope. That no matter what, Love will overcome. I had to look for the sound track, and the lyrics to the pansoori. I shed more tears when I realized what the song meant. I thought I’d share it with you all here.


【LSY】ラジオ DJ代行

I have always loved his voice… Now there’s something to play to lull me to sleep and dream of Uri Sangyun Oppa ❤