Things I Just Have to Do: Celebrate Seollal in Seoul ala-2Days and 1Night

So this is definitely off-theme but wouldn’t it be great to meet Lee Sang Yoon while celebrating Seollal in Seoul the way these members of  1박 2일 (1N2D)? Love that the episode featured must-see places in the heart of the capital. Lovin’ the ‘old-meets-new’ vibe so much probably because I am an old soul in a pretty old body. I just have to write about it so I can remember (see that’s how old I am) that this is something I want to do.

NOTE: Published on 2 Mar 2014 The members get together for a special outing in Seoul. It’s been a while since they’ve shot an episode in such a close location. Plus it’s on Seollal when most of the Seoul population go down to their hometowns for the national holiday. The members hunt for some memorable sites that have held their position in Seoul for the longest of time. Plus they have a special surprise when they return to base camp at KBS!

I remember one episode where Cha Tae Hyun was asked about his fave episode and he said this one because it made them travel back in time and cherish the memories they have of their families. For Kim Jun Hyuk, it was a picture of his parents when they were still dating in Myeong-Dong Cathedral. For Kim Jong Min, it was a photo of his dad a year before he was born standing at the same exact tree where he had pictures of him taken. For Taehyun, where he sat in Namsan was the same exact spot where his parents took their honeymoon photo. Here are the screenshots of the composite pictures prepared by the staff:

And yes, there’s a similar theme of sorts that the Season 1 members did around Seoul which, to date, is the program’s highest-rated episode. The places weren’t as interesting as Season 3’s but yeah it wouldn’t hurt if I can actually go to all the destinations featured on both episodes. Plus, maybe edit the video where Lee Seung Gi went with myself in it, hahah! Aiyah, the question now is when, oh, when?