Flash Review: My Daughter Seo Young

I really wanted to make my own review of this epic drama series, after all I spent at least six sleepless nights to finish watching all 50 episodes. And I did not just fast-forwarded to Lee Sang Yoon parts — I actually enjoyed this series very much. I thought this gave me a breakthrough of sorts in really understanding Korean family values. I found a new respect for elders, and I so admire the younger generation for giving the elders their due. At the same time, the dilemma of Seo Young not telling the truth about her dad in pursuit of happiness in the embrace of the one she loves, plucked a chord in my heart. I was amazed at the skill the writer(s) had exposing the hearts and intents of each character without sacrificing entertainment value. The same skill the main writer flaunted when she wrote Second-Time Twenty Years Old reuniting her with our Lee Sang Yoon Oppa ❤

Well I chanced upon this review written around the time My Daughter Seo Young originally aired, I thought this blogger’s entry was pretty much what I would have wanted to write, so why reinvent the wheel. Read on…

The Fangirl Verdict

Y’know, there was a time when I literally wouldn’t have touched this show with a ten-foot pole. Seriously.

Partly, it was because the premise didn’t interest me all that much. Partly, it was also because at 50 episodes, My Daughter Seo Young was a big commitment, and I could think of many much more interesting places to spend those drama hours. Especially since I wasn’t all that interested in the premise. Mostly, though, it was because I didn’t care too much for Lee Bo Young as an actress (note the use of past tense!), and couldn’t see myself sitting through a long drama where she played the protagonist.

To think that I now have not only finished the entire show (50 whole episodes!), but would recommend it to other drama fans too. Wow, right?

So what made me pick this up again in recent months? Well, I’m gonna hafta say, it’s

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Of Jacarandas and Lee Sang Yoon


Welcome to me — a forty-something first-time blogger! I know I should have started much, much, much earlier. But hey better late than later, hahah! So this is really all about Lee Sang Yoon. Well it is also about how my heart got broken many years ago on the road to Zanzibar. Some dreams are not meant to happen. So much for unrequited love and repaying what the locusts have eaten in Joel 2. Today I’m just gonna be. Me.

Fan-made Videos of 이상윤 Lee Sang Yoon

I’ve always been fascinated with self-confessed true-blooded fanatics of Korean popstars or any celebrity for that matter. How they follow them around, voraciously consume all media content — movies, dramas, OSTs, magazines, concerts, and even spend sleepless nights keeping up-to-date with their idols via social media. Never did I think in my wildest dreams that I’ll come near to being one… until I laid eyes on Lee Sang Yoon’s character on ‘On The Way To The Airport’ I was drawn in immediately to his baritone voice and sincere eyes, not to mention, those killer twin-dimples. Aiyah! The rest is history as the adage says. Looked him up, and started watching all his dramas starting with ‘Angel Eyes,’ then ‘Liar Games,’ then by the time OTWTTA was broadcasting its final episode, I was also done watchng ‘Jung Yi: Goddess of Fire’ — all 32 episodes, Running Man Episode where he guested with Ko Hye Sung and the cast of ‘Angel Eyes,’ and his guesting on’Happy Together.’ What’s next was taking a peep at his movie ‘Insane,’ but since I couldn’t get a version with a good Eng Sub, I ended up fast-forwarding on some of the scenes. It was a little too intense for my taste, I guess. Then, I started to watch him on ‘Second-time Twenty Year Old’ (Twenty Again) with Choi Ji Woo. Really loved it so to express myself, while watching it, I made this video:

A day after, I came across another fan-made video using the same song from the ‘Second-time Twenty Year Old’ OST and boy was I so jealous. This video was so professionally done by someone who shares my heart for Sang Yoon Oppa: